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Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Conservative and Endodontics MCQ Answer 5

Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Answer is c. The Akinosi-san technique is often referred to as the “closed-mouth” technique, but you won’t here be calling it that. I met the guy and he deserves his name on something if not this perhaps a puff pastry, he likes sweets. Indicated in time of limited openings owing to infection, trauma and trismus, the following steps are followed in order to administer this injection. A 27-gauge long needle is held in the maxillary buccal fold at the height of the mucogingival junction of the most posterior tooth. The needle is inserted into soft tissue to the lingual surface of the ramus immediately adjacent to the maxillary tuberosity and advanced to a depth of 25mm at which point 1.8ml of anesthetic is deposited. Thus gaining anesthesia of the inferior alveolar nerve with an 80 to 85% success rate. The disadvantage of this technique is the absence of bony contact

(Pathways of the Pulp 8th, p736)

The Gow-Gates technique is a mandibular nerve V3 block injection that is targeted higher and deeper than the IANB. The aim is at the neck of the condyle below the insertion of the lateral pterygoid. Success rates are reported as high as 97.25%

(PotP 8th, p735)

The barrel of an aspirating syringe is larger in diameter than 5mm.

The auricular-temporal injection will not get near the mandibular nerve branch.

Rx of flexaril could work, but this patient is swelling and needs to be treated pronto.


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